Configuring Outlook SMTP

Written by Anna
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- Admin Access

- Cloud shell

By default SMTP access on outlook is disabled for every account. In this article we'll run you through enabling SMTP for your account.


Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Select the user you want to enable SMTP for.

A sidebar should open up revealing the information of the user.

Step 3: Press the Mail tab

Step 4: On the Mail tab press Manage email apps

Step 5: Turn on SMTP AUTH protocol for your organization

Navigate to

Look for the option Mail Flow

Ensure the checkbox for "Turn off SMTP AUTH protocol for your organization" is ticked OFF

Step 6: Generate an app password for the mailbox you would like to send emails from.

Generate App Password

Ensure the app password has permissions on the mail resource.

Step 7: Fill in your details on Bizzey



Username: <youremail>

Password: *********

Auth type: login

SSL type: TLS

Port: 587

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